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Hello fellow classmates, welcome to my blog. Feel free to stop by say hello, I thought we could use our spaces to share ideas and resources. We could use all the resources we can get before we go out to our next student-teaching placements. Stop by sometime:):)



Guest Speakers

After listening to the two guest speakers share with us how we as future teachers can use technology and the internet in a positive way I realized that the internet can be a very useful tool in the classroom. The challenge is finding creative and useful ways to use technology and the internet in a more efficient way in a classroom setting. This does take time, creativity, and of course trial and error. Some ideas may flourish and some may flop and that is okay, we as future educators must find ways to keep our students engaged and to find enjoyment in learning. I found that one way to use the internet in a very useful and time saving way is to use it for communication. Creating a classroom website is a brilliant idea! As long as the users are monitored by the classroom teacher and users are only students and parents. This creates a community within the classroom and a way to communicate with students and parents 24/7. 

Each teacher presented two completely different ways in which they use technology. Ms. Thompson in Ste. Rose Du Lac is the first teacher in her school to be using technology in the way that she is using it. She is a young teacher, she is 26 years old and has great new ideas and skills that she has gained over her years as a post-secondary student. She has knowledge and skills that many of her colleagues do not have which enables her to be the lady pioneer of technology in her school, way to go Ms. Thompson! She is a young teacher and if she can do this at such a young age then I cannot wait to see what she does in 10 years from now. She is definitely one who will be known within school divisions across our great province. :):)

Mr. Letkemen’s presentation was a good one, I enjoyed how he uses technology to make assignments into games/competitions. He also allows for student choice which is always a plus for student engagement. Students are more likely going to do the work if it pertains to their interests. When he was describing how he uses technology in his english class I thought what a great idea, using the internet and technology in english class and using it to get them to do their assignments, good job Mr. Letkemen. When we think of computers, internet and technology in school we always think of computer class, like what is that? Computers and technology need to be a part of every class as it is all around us every day all day. I never would have thought to use apps in an english class, I always think of reading and writing for english language arts. Clearly we must think outside the old traditional ways of teaching and learn how to use the old with the new. (Books, writing, reading, speaking, computers, tablets/ipads, cells, ipods, internet, apps)

Melanie M. 


TT 11? or 12? which ever we want to call it:):)

So we are now done our term, wheww, I made it! Thought I would never be typing this. But six years of Brandon University was quite the journey. Of course, I had to challenge myself a little more and have a baby right in the middle of my under grad degree, tehe, he was a good surprise though, he kept me motivated as to why I was here in the first place, to create a path for his future, he’s 4 years old now my little son Holden. Okay onto tech stuff, this class has taught me so many new ways and big ideas around ed-tech, I had no idea what VR was so I went to walmart bought a basic headset gonna play around with it, its actually pretty cool, I would like to learn more about it and get some free apps to play around with it a little more. Integrating technology into the classroom is a new form of literacy, when I was in school we didnt even have a computer in our classroom, we had a computer lab where “computer class” was part of the 6day school cycle, wow now I’m dating myself, but yes technology is a big huge category of “stuff” so we must find what’s available out there and we know just from this class there is TONS of stuff available to help us. I found another good site that will for sure help me in the classroom, I am also searching to connect with a school/classroom from Greece as the class I am going into is doing a unit on Ancient Greece and we would like to connect with another grade 7 class from there, I will post to keep us all updated!


Ed tech site

TT #10 – Old School Program – MetaCafe…Wow!

As I searched around for old school apps/sites/programs that I first used online, first ones that came to mind was napster for music wow that is so long ago already, another one is msn messenger to chat with friends, bebo for social media platform, and then there was metaCafe to check out videos from the online world. This was exciting times for a gal in the res, only a few of us in the community owned a computer let alone have internet in our homes. But Yes, I was one of the fortunate ones who had a computer and internet, so being online was fun and cool!! I remember when me and another galpal could sit and check out videos for hours, we were curious to know what the world was like beyond our little world in Ebb and Flow. This curiosity got me where I am today, I wanted to come out into the big world and see what it had to offer and I liked what I found. Although the “outside world” can be tough at times I do enjoy what urban life has to offer, and I enjoy bringing my family here to my home in Brandon to visit every now and again, and if it wasnt for cool old school programs like metacafe where I was able to check out the rest of the world I would still be in my little safe bubble next door to my parents’ place:):) thanks internet and metacafe, connecting the world! 

Metacafe: I really like this video 12 random facts, something I could share in a classroom to show students how I learned to explore videos in the World Wide Web (www.metacafe.com)


Metacafe snipit pic

I thought this was a funny fact on the video I was watching: The chance of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chance of winning, awwww…..lol so back to work I go! and no lottery tickets, save up instead, silly videos to make u smile:):)

Tech Task #9 – I think I found my main resource for tech-education. It has a lot of resources and info to share come check it out:):)

When I began looking around for some good sites/edubloggers/twitteraccounts/teacherspayteachersaccounts/pinterestaccounts, I think I’ve made my point, haha!! The internet can be time consuming to search for good, reliable resources but by us finding the online community of the real-world professionals than this helps us filter through the “junk” so to speak that is out on the internet. Anyone can say anything about who they are and what they do but we learned how to find good, honest people out in the online world. This just blows me away how something that we cannot even touch or will ever be able to touch can have such a huge impact on our lives, both good and bad, and this is why we must always be careful of what we post online, in our own social medias and to be the light/positive in the world through our online networks. I for sure will be using mine as a positive space as I have seen and heard awful stories about online bullying in our own school back home and this needs to be stopped and addressed by school staff, parents, and the whole community. Education is always key! But anyways, I am rambling again but Yes I found it very helpful how to connect with the online community and go find other educators, edubloggers who love sharing their ideas and resources. Thanks Prof. Mike I had no idea this community was out there and for free, lots of info and resources at our fingertips. 🙂

One site that I found which will help me in my next placement for sure and in my own classroom next fall is called the mindshift, and I will post the link here for those who may want to go have a look, great site indeed!! Everything Tech-Education!!


Mindshift Snipit Pic

Another good one I like to check out for Indigenous Resources and local news is MFNERC- Manitoba First Nations Resource Center.





Tech Task 8

Before I went and checked out infographics I thought I had no idea what these were but then as I looked around at Prof. Mike’s infographics I realized I definitely know what these are. We see them all the time everywhere, they are visuals with information to be presented in a more visual-colorful way. Rather than just present information in written form pictures, border, colors and many other extras are added on to help the reader comprehend the information presented. This type of creation would be useful in classrooms as it gives students more options to present/demonstrate their learning. If a student struggles with presenting/demonstrating their learning in written form then this allows them to create an infographic to show what they learned in a more visual way, it takes the pressure and anxiety off of being formally tested for their learning.

Parts of an Inforgraphic.png

Week 8 Blog Post

As we get ready to end another term and for many of us our final term, goodness I can’t believe I am typing this! Six years of Brandon University has taught me many good things and bad too(I am a native studies major, so not good things to learn about in a Canadian context). But despite all the bad things that have happened in the past we know schools are no longer are allowed to hurt small aboriginal children. Through this course I have learned many ways to share information, good information none of this fake news stuff we see on the daily. I hope to use technology in my classroom in many ways, I especially like the idea of creating an online community within my own students and parents. I like the edubloggers, this is the first time I have heard of edubloggers, and I also looooove this idea of teachers/educators sharing their knowledge AND resources. When I used to be an Educational Assistant there was nothing like this available for me to help the teacher and more importantly the students. Having all this information at our fingertips is amazing and for a lot of it, it is free information and resources. I never really used Twitter but I am starting to get the hang of it, and it has so much more to offer than what I originally thought it was. The one thing I did find about this course is that it has shown/taught me so many great programs that we as future educators can use to make our jobs a little easier. All our presenters use different apps for different purposes. But all of them are there to assist and help in some way. I dont think I will use all the apps and programs I have learned about but I have learned how to use these programs in a classroom setting and which ones would be more appropriate for middle years aged students.

Digital Learning fourth literacy

Tech Task #7 – EduBloggers

I found some interesting bloggers who I think will be very helpful for me when I have my own classroom. I know for sure I lack in organizational skills, this is something I always knew about myself. I try to find ways to help me stay more organized and this woman by the name of Charity Preston started this organized classroom page. The page which can be found at: http://www.organizedclassroom.com/blog/                                                      This page has valuable and useful information, resources and ideas to help us as future classroom teachers, it also a blog page where members can share ideas, thoughts and resources. I am amazed at how much is available online for edubloggers, when I hashtagged #edubloggers I was lost in reading online articles through various accounts for two hours. I was looking for the perfect one to follow but I soon found that I don’t have to follow just one or two I should follow maybe 10 or so. All this information is free and available and that what is so great about the internet, that all this information is accessible. With that being said we must also take into consideration that not all information on the internet is accurate and factual. We must teach students how to be able to know the difference between fake news and real-life factual news. This is the foundation of teaching Literacy with Information and Communication Technology. Being able to recognize when an article/story/picture or any other form of text/written form of information is not true and false. As I searched around I did find a couple of bloggers who are teachers who share ideas on how to keep students engaged, and ways to plan meaningful learning experiences in the classroom. I also found another one where she shared how to stay organized in the classroom and at home in our own daily lives. As we get busier in life it gets harder to stay ahead, and this includes school-work, mom-life/duties, keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, daycare bills, and all the other fun stuff we deal with in life. If I can learn how to be a more organized in the classroom than I will have more time to teach, and more time for my students and they are the whole reason we are becoming teachers, to help students learn and grow into contributing members to society:):)

EduBloggers: whatelse.edublogs.org/2018/03/01/thursday-thoughts-5/ – This is an edublogger by the name of Sheri Edwards and she has a very active blog. I will for sure be following more edubloggers. This is the first time I learn about edubloggers, what a great online community. :):)

Melanie M. 

Week 7 Blog Post

Well here we are week 7 already, wow I can’t believe how time flies. I enjoyed playing around with this program, mindmeister. It was easy and fun to create my own web. This type of program can be used in many useful ways in the classroom. It can be used when planning lessons for a unit you and your class may be working on, it offers a very helpful visual. I created a basic one about my worldly connections, I will most definitely be using this one in my classroom.

Mels Connected world map

Week 6 Blog Post

To date we are in our 6th week of classes and the pressure is on!! Five courses, a little smallson who is 4 years old and lots of coffee and less sleep, but Graduation is near! If we tiptoe we can see it! I have learned in the past 6weeks many new ways how to use the internet in positive/creative ways. Creating a connected classroom becomes less of a challenge for teachers if we have the proper skills/tools to take with us into our classrooms.

After I watched Alex’s video and how his identity was stolen and so many pictures of him were used to create fake profiles. This is very scary, this is something I don’t usually think about when I post pictures of my smallson, myself and my family in general. Once those are posted then we no longer “own” them anymore, they can be easily copied, recreated, and our faces are on them, yikes! I am glad he shared his information with us around this subject especially all the apps that are available to face swap, to create videos switching up faces, I never knew this can be done so easily, that someone does not have to be a computer science major to be able to do this. I will definitely teach the safety issues related to being online.

I also liked how he pointed out the question: How can young people develop self-worth that extends beyond the realm of likes, views, and retweets? This is so very true with today’s young generation, I thought this is a great concept that should be taught in schools, how we should not create our own self image/worth based on what the internet “likes” about us. We must define ourselves. 

Lastly I thinks it’s important for ourselves to keep in check. We must be careful what we share on our social media sites as we learned one post can be a life changer both good and bad. The example given was Justine Succos tweet about going to Africa, but we must also be willing to take risks to start conversations that should and needed to be started. This approach is the Justice Oriented model and he also says this is where we as educators should be, the other two mentioned were personally responsible and participatory. The order he mentioned them were: 1. Personally Responsible 2. Participatory 3. Justice Oriented. I feel am more towards #3, justice oriented, others would probably agree:):)

Ms. M.Monkman